Grounded in the past, the future is bright

Jimmy and Benny Nilsson (that’s us in the photo) took over Tegsnässkidan AB in 2008. Our father, Tomas Nilsson, together with partner Håkan Bjurén, previously ran the company. We grew up in a family with an entrepreneurial spirit and have watched as Tegsnässkidan developed from the time our dad bought it back in 1996.

Developing the concept

Together with our trained staff, we have set our sights on further developing the Tegsnäs concept. We aim to create a competitive advantage through a streamlined decision-making processes and to make the best use of the vast expertise of our staff. We believe everybody at Tegsnässkidan should be involved.

Much more than just a ski factory

Tegsnässkidan is much more than just a ski factory. Even though our crafted skis continue to hold a secure position on today’s backcountry and hunting ski markets, today’s product range is much broader than that. Two strong branches of production are custom-made packaging and timber products. All our products hold the same high standard of quality as our world-famous skis.

Our ambitions and the future

We strive to ensure Tegsnässkidan continues to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier to our customers, at the same time as we broaden and develop our operations. We use good quality raw materials and – unlike our competitors – we keep a certain level of stock on had to make sure that our customers always receive their products quickly.

With an energetic approach and innovative thinking, we will continue to move Tegsnässkidan forward.


Tegsnäset: Main Office
Vindeln: Factory Custom Packaging
Employees: 25
Sales: 104 Mkr 2017
Export: 30%
Tegsnäs village: 100 inhabitants