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The industry

Our production is based on modern technology and high expertise. Our well-invested production facilities are located in Tegsnäset and Vindeln.

Modern manufacturing

Tegsnäs Group buys and processes around 60,000 cubic metres of sawn timber every year. The volume has increased almost 25 per cent in the last five years. It is an increase that has been made possible thanks to all the dedicated employees, a broader customer base and important investments.

Several investments have been made in recent years: a new machine line, a new timber intake and a new sorting and packing line. The sorting and packing line is the largest to date in the Tegsnäs Wood business area and involves almost SEK 12 million.

New recruitments have also been made in Tegsnäset. New employees have been hired in production and loading and unloading.

Digital recipe management sharpens manufacturing

Production at the Tegsnäset factory is modern. Recently, Tegsnäs Group has also chosen to digitise the working methods of the operators in the production. The binders and papers are gone, everything is now available in the computers in a collected and clear way.

In practice, this means that each product has its own recipe where every parameter based on the customer's specification can be easily followed and the production can be customised in a detailed and precise way. For example, dimensions and measurements, how sticks should be laid and packed, or how packages should be labelled. Digitalisation makes it possible to quickly introduce changes, make improvements, record deviations and monitor quality.

Robotic handling and automation

Tegsnäs Group has always seen value in developing and being at the forefront of technology and processes. One result of this is the integration of robotic handling in manufacturing. In addition, the aim is to increase the degree of automation.

Today, robotic handling is used in the production of complete pallets or the production of different components. Robotisation is one of several ways to expand production capacity while improving the working environment by transferring heavy and monotonous work to a robot by machine.

Through its subsidiary Tegsnäs Logistics, Tegsnäs Group also offers production development in automation for customers. The services include project management, simulation and programming.

Proactive maintenance of machinery and equipment

It is not only production that has been digitised. Maintenance work has also been quality assured, systematised and digitised.

Every Friday morning at 07.00, a note comes into the Axxos system telling us what needs to be maintained during a two-hour shift that day. The computer has a clear schedule showing both what to do and how to do it. Maintenance staff see pictures and receive simple instructions to follow. It is clear which machines are to be checked and serviced and which products, such as oils or grease, are to be used.

With well-planned maintenance, Tegsnäs Group minimises breakdowns and unplanned downtime and can instead adapt production so that the measures can be carried out without disruption. It is important for Tegsnäs Group to work proactively and safely. Working according to a safe process benefits customers directly through higher delivery precision and more consistent quality.

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