Lovisa Vahlberg

Lovisa Vahlberg - Finance Officer
Lovisa Vahlberg - Finance Officer

Name: Lovisa Vahlberg

Age: 30 years

Occupation: Chief Financial Officer

Bor: Tvärålund

Employed since: 2018

Family: A 2-year-old son and two dogs

- The best part of the job is to be involved in the action and to be an active part of the development.

Meet the Lovisa Vahlberg

Lovisa Vahlberg is Chief Financial Officer and is involved in most areas of the company from a financial perspective. Lovisa also works with HR issues.

Tell us what your work involves!

– I am involved in most areas of the company from an economic perspective. This involves both day-to-day work and development issues. I am also responsible for accounting, financial statements, reports, statistics and analysing results. I also work with HR issues in addition to those related to salaries.

What is the best part of your job?

– It's being able to be there where it happens and being an active part of the development. I get to be involved from the moment a decision is made all the way to its actual realisation.

What are the interesting challenges in your job?

– There is a lot to be done! I am often faced with issues that I have to sort out on my own if there is no colleague to ask. It is both fun and instructive to find your way forward. You have to be a bit of a problem solver.

What did you do before joining Tegsnäs Group?

– I studied for an MSc in Business Administration at Umeå University for four years. During the last semester, Tegsnäs Group was looking for a financial manager through a recruitment company. I thought it looked interesting and it was close to home in Tvärålund. I applied for the job, got it and am very happy about it!

What are you passionate about in your working life?

– Being able to develop and that what I do contributes to the whole, makes a difference and drives the organisation forward. I could not have a job that does not feel meaningful. I want to be where things happen and where I can be part of it.

What is the best thing about working at Tegsnäs Group?

– I think we are a group that is at the forefront and wants to keep up with developments. We have driven owners with high ambitions who inspire us. It is a family-orientated company that has grown, but the feeling of togetherness remains. Everyone knows each other and you feel that you are valuable.

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