Tegsnäs Logistics

Tegsnäs Group is one of the market’s leading suppliers of wood products for industries, special packaging and building materials. We also manufacture and market the classic Tegsnäs ski and are co-founders of Tegsnäshus.

Tegsnäs Logistics is our new business area in warehousing and logistics (3PL). A brand new warehouse and logistics facility of 1250 square meters, which holds almost 3000 pallet locations, is being built in Vindeln for the operation.

Tegsnäs Group has long experience in warehouse management through its own industrial operations. For many years we have also handled parts of warehousing and logistics for a number of customers in the industry.

Structure and intelligent systems

In the business area, warehousing and logistics are handled with good structure, modern tools and intelligent systems. The work is process-oriented, with a focus on continuous improvements and a high quality of execution.

At the warehouse, we provide and receive both incoming and outgoing materials, warehousing and responsible for stock management, picking and packaging. In our large warehouse, everything is stored in sturdy and safe pallet racks.

We ensure that we work closely with the customers’ manufacturing processes and are responsible for ensuring that components are delivered on time in the right part of production. We are also responsible for assembling and packing kits. With our services, warehousing becomes more dynamic and production is relieved and streamlined.

Tegsnäs Logistics is an effective link for suppliers, freight forwarders and customers.

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