Wood products for industries.

Tegsnäs Wood is our business area for wood products for industrial use. We manufacture all types of products for sawmills, aluminum plants and other industries. Dimensions and tolerances are developed based on each customer’s needs.

On-going investment in technology and professional competence make Tegsnässkidan a company with few limitations when it comes to wood products. Our factory at Tegsnäset in Sweden produces a steady stream of wood goods.
These include:

  • Drying sticks
  • Binding sticks
  • Stacker sticks grooved/smooth
  • Stakes
  • Sawn Material
  • Planed Material
  • Wedging Material
  • and much more…

Stockpiling for fast service

Our extensive factory site houses stockpiles of goods ready to be shipped to customers who need fast deliveries. As an extra service to customers who require fast delivery, we are able to supply “emergency stock”, which can ordinarily be delivered within 24 hours. Standard stick products are normally always kept in stock.

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