Tarring wooden skis

Here we show you an example of how to tar your Tegsnässkidan skis. Tarring is a time-honoured and proven method of treating wooden skis. Naturally, you can also wax your Tegsnässkidan skis in the same way you wax other skis.

tjara-801Tip! Apply a thick layer of tar to your skis after each season and let the tar dry in the sun.
The surface will be uneven, but the ski will work well in all conditions.

Red base

If your skis have a red base, then you should oil the running surface with either raw or boiled linseed oil several times a year to avoid cracks in the running surface.

Tarring procedure:

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Your skis should be dry and at room temperature when you begin.

1. Pour the tar over the ski’s underside. Heat the tar with a blowtorch, so that it becomes more fluid.

2. Heat a 20 to 30 centimetres at a time. Spread the tar over the surface using a soft cloth. Continue until the ski is completely tarred.

3. Repeat until the midsection of the ski is fully saturated.

4. An untreated ski (left); a ski after two applications (centre); a ski after five applications (right).