A long-term responsibility

Tegsnäs Group has a strong focus on environmental and quality issues. This is due to its northern origin, its proximity to nature and the fact that wood is the genuine and renewable material that permeates all products.

We carefully select our wood raw material, use northern forests and work with responsible forestry companies and contractors. We strive to optimise the use of all raw materials and make the best possible use of the material. We create new by-products from waste and can reuse what was previously wasted in our own production and reprocess it, for example as finger-jointed material. This helps us to save on transport, secure material procurement and work more efficiently.

Utilising waste and making new products

Tegsnäs Group has recently initiated a special effort focusing on sustainable production, which means that all raw materials, including waste, can be utilised even more in production. The goal is to process the raw material in more steps than before and to use what was previously discarded in a new and better way. This means that the utilisation rate of the material increases and that we work smarter. In practice, this means several benefits. The working method also helps us to maintain our high delivery reliability.

More than just the environment

But sustainability is not just about the external environment, for Tegsnäs Group the concept is broader than that. Sustainability for us is also about work environment, quality and a healthy economy as well as how we act towards our customers, suppliers and between colleagues. We care about each other.

We invest and want to grow further as a company, but we also want to take responsibility. We want to be an attractive employer, social player and industrial partner. We want to contribute to Swedish industry through sustainable raw materials, usable wood products, high-quality packaging and smart storage and logistics solutions. We also want to manage our origin through Tegsnässkidan and strengthen people's outdoor life and nature experiences.

A certified company

Since 2022, Tegsnäs Group is certified within both ISO 9001 (quality) ISO14001 (environment), and ISO 45001 (work environment).