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Packaging - the first thing the customer sees

Packaging is more important than you think. It should not only provide valuable protection but also look good to the recipient. Packaging is often the first thing the end user sees. It gives a positive feeling to the whole product and contributes to the sense of quality. Good packaging strengthens the brand.

Specialists in packaging

Tegsnäs Packaging in Vindeln specialises in designing and manufacturing special packaging and pallets for industries. The pace is fast and the volume is large, with tens of thousands of units leaving the factory every year. The packaging ensures that every customer can deliver their products safely and securely, no matter where in the world they are going.

Understanding customer needs

Being a producer of specialised packaging is a skilled activity. In addition to efficient production, the work is based on experience, understanding the customer's business, expertise in design and materials, problem solving and modern technical support. Producing packaging is much more than nailing wood together.

Together with each customer, the right solutions are developed based on cost calculations, product design, strength requirements and international rules on, for example, heat treatment. Drawings are created in CAD and saved for long-term ongoing production.

Professional activities

Tegsnäs Emballage works in an industrial process with order, clarity, continuous improvement and a safe and pleasant working environment. Our ambition is to be at the forefront when it comes to tools, machines and system support, and we have extensive experience of material selection, stock management and purchasing.

The business is well invested. Some of Tegsnäs Packagings most recent investments include a new warehouse, a new vacuum lift, a machine for milling and a new machine for cutting. All in all, the production facility is top class, modern and orderly in every part of the plant.

Large deliveries

The customers are mainly in industry but also in other sectors. For several customers, the volumes are large and the packaging is also bulky. It is not unusual for entire lorries to be filled with packaging for one and the same customer.

Over a hundred products

Tegsnäs Emballage has about 150 products in its range. About 60 per cent consists of pallets in various designs and the rest special packaging and other products. The packaging is built in wood, plywood, OSB and masonite with metal reinforcement fittings. They are often supplemented with protective corrugated cardboard and foam based on customer needs. The solutions are always flexible and the finish and quality are very high.

DSC 8516 Tegsnas Emballage interior overview


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