Indexator packaging - Tegsnäs Emballage

For several years, Indexator Rotator Systems AB in Vindeln has been buying specialised packaging, half pallets and warehouse services from Tegsnäs Packaging. The packaging fulfils an important function.

– When deliveries arrive at the customer, the packaging is the first thing they see. It is therefore very important that the packaging is stable, durable and looks good no matter where in the world our products are sent, says Olov Englund, strategic purchaser at Indexator.

– Good packaging is important from a business perspective. If the packaging does not maintain the quality and the rotators are damaged, it can in the worst case be a disaster with costly complaints, returns and delivery delays as a result, says Olov.
– That's why products must be packed and dispatched with care. We are very careful about that. We are also particularly careful about cleanliness because we work with hydraulic products, he says.

Indexator Rotator Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of rotators for various crane solutions in forestry, transport and material handling. The company also manufactures links and swing dampers for rotators and hose swivels for hydraulic hoses. Customers include major forestry machine manufacturers and the products are available in around 40 markets worldwide.

At the top of the list

Olov Englund is a seasoned purchaser with long experience of the industry and he knows what is required of a supplier. Indexator has a carefully prepared requirements profile for its suppliers and constantly measures its suppliers' ability to meet the set targets. The parameters include quality, complaints, deliveries in the right quantity and on time.
– Tegsnäs Group ranks high in our delivery assessments both in terms of delivery reliability and delivery quality. They do a really good job. They know what they are doing and the products are of the quality we want, says Olov.

Packaging, warehousing and specialised solutions

Indexator Rotator Systems mainly purchases specialised packaging that is used as cradles to secure all rotators shipped to customers worldwide. This includes planks and boards that are nailed to reinforce corrugated cardboard cases. Half pallets are purchased as well as specialised materials for the transport of trade fair and exhibition materials.
There are also customised solutions when, for example, tools or machine tool components are sent for repair.

Another service that Indexator purchases is warehousing. Tegsnäs Emballage stores corrugated board and cardboard packaging and is responsible for both storage and balance management. Warehousing is a good way to reduce your own storage costs and is a practical alternative if you are living in cramped conditions.

Good for the environment

Tegnsäs Emballage and Indexator are close to each other in Vindeln.
– It is an advantage that they are close by. It allows us to reduce expensive shipping costs, we can keep short delivery times and reduce the need to keep large stocks, says Erik.
– Shorter journeys are good, not least from an environmental perspective.

Nothing is impossible

In addition to the high quality of Tegsnäs Group's products and fast deliveries, Olov emphasises simplicity and cooperation. It stands out a little extra.
– Deliveries are fast, communication is easy and nothing is impossible. If we come up with a drawing or an idea, we always get quick feedback with a good solution. I think this is a very good quality, says Olov Englund.

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