Exterior wood panel

Untreated, primed and semi-painted exterior wood panel for cladding and roof edges.

In our range of construction products, we provide and supply untreated, primed and semi-painted exterior wood panels for purposes such as facade cladding, roof edges, lining and much more. The fact that the exterior panel is semi-painted means that only the last round needs to be painted in order for the exterior wood panel board to be fully painted.

We offer exterior wood panelling in a wide range of dimensions and designs, such as single panel, double double bevel tongue and groove panel, fjällpanel and timber panel. We can also provide glulam panelling on request.

Only primed exterior panels are normally in stock in the dimensions 22×95/120/145/170/195. We also have 22×45 bevelled laths in our own design. Other exterior wood panels can be primed to order.

See a selection of our standard range below.

For questions or to order exterior wood panel, please contact us.

Exterior wood panel

21×45, untreated or primed white
21×95, untreated or primed white
21×120, untreated or primed white
21×145, untreated or primed white
21×170, untreated or primed white
21×195, untreated or primed white

Single bevel tongue and groove panel

21×120 single bevel
21×195 single bevel

Double bevel tongue and groove

21×145 double bevel

Timber panel, carved

22×170 carved panel


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    Jimmy Nilsson
  • Benny Nilsson

    Production Manager / Purchasing Manager

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    Benny Nilsson


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