The future

We at Tegsnäs Group are always striving forward. Our way of thinking is characterised by development, commitment and faith in the future.

Within Tegsnäs Group we have a strong driving force that takes us into the future. We have fantastic conditions with close access to the very best raw materials and major transport routes and harbours. Together with our fine customers, committed employees and well-developed processes, we have a solid foundation to stand on.

We invest and want to grow further as a company, but we also want to take responsibility. We want to be an attractive employer, social player and industrial partner. We want to contribute to Swedish industry through sustainable raw materials, usable wood products, high-quality packaging and smart storage and logistics solutions. We also want to manage our origin through Tegsnässkidan and strengthen people's outdoor life and nature experiences.

This foundation makes us the safe and reliable supplier we want to be today and tomorrow.