Location - Vindelälven at Granö - Tegsnäs Group

The location

We are proud of our northern location in the heart of Västerbotten.

Our company is born from the environment in which we operate. We are proud of our location and the heritage we bring with us. Although we work in a global market, our own centre is Västerbotten, based in Tegsnäset and Vindeln. Here you will find tranquillity, nature and primal force. This is where we get our inspiration.

We cooperate with the municipality and local companies, we feel a responsibility for the local context and have a desire to invest in our home region. Thanks to our employees, support from the municipality and co-operation with local and regional actors, we remain in Västerbotten. To strengthen access to labour and develop the community, we are also part of the housing development company Granö Bostad, which works on projects in both Granö and Vindeln.

All this allows us to continue to develop in the market with Swedish and international customers.