Tegsnäs ski

The freedom

Since 1907, Tegsnässkidan has produced handmade wooden skis of the highest quality for hunting and touring.

Forests and mountains

The Tegsnäs skis consist of carefully selected wooden materials, with birch being the absolute core. Tegsnässkidorna wants to go on an adventure, back to the forest, the mountains and nature again. Here in freedom they thrive at their best. Here they want to show the feeling of being part of the earth, nature and tranquillity. The skis are made by hand, no two pairs are the same and they last for generations. It couldn't be more sustainable.

Starting up

Tegsnässkidan's history stretches back more than 115 years and speaks of quality, tradition and craftsmanship as well as forward thinking, ingenuity and Norrland's stubbornness.

In the autumn of 1907, Ludvig Jonsson was busy cutting timber in Tegsnäset. The income was meagre and the work soon came to an end. Ludvig was an inquisitive man and an avid reader of newspapers. For some reason he had got hold of an issue of Uppsala Nya Tidning. There was an advert from Karl Liljefors Krut & Sporthandel advertising skis of the "Västerbotten model".

He wrote to the company offering his services and received a sample order for 10 pairs of 8-foot (240 cm) long skis at a price of €5 per pair. The problem was that Ludvig had never made skis before, but with the help of a neighbour, it worked out. The sample delivery was sent off, approved and the payment of 30 SEK was made without any problems. The first winter, 50 pairs of skis were made. Axe, saw and knife and planes of various kinds were the only tools. The manufacture of accessory poles, bindings, etc. was also part of the business.

Production takes off

After 10 years, the baker's cottage was too small as a workshop and a ski workshop for ski production was built and the company name L. Jonssons Skidfabrik was adopted. Tegsnäs skis quickly became popular and production increased steadily. After all, it was a quality ski with very good snow properties.

In 1941 the company was taken over by David, Ivar and Lage Ludvigsson, all sons of Ludvig Jonsson. The name was changed to Bröderna Ludvigssons Skidfabrik AB and initially around 500 pairs of skis were produced per year. A new factory was built and used until 1977, when the company moved to new premises and changed its name to Tegsnässkidan AB.

New owners of the business

In 1996, Tomas Nilsson and Håkan Bjurén took over the company and in 2008 passed the baton to Tomas' sons Jimmy and Benny. In the late autumn of 2021, Tegsnässkidan began an initiative with a new e-commerce site and an increased focus on the sale of skis and related products.

Are you one of those who will be travelling the winter landscape and showing the world Tegsnässkidan again?