The raw material

The forest is our precious raw material and is treated with care. Our work starts in the forest.

From the forests of Norrland

We get our raw material from our local area in northern Sweden. We work with pine, spruce and birch. Here, in Norrland, there are late-growing pine and spruce with good properties and stable shape, which makes it possible for us to offer a high quality of our products. We are therefore more than happy to turn to customers who place high demands on their wood products.

Thanks to a modern machine park, we are able to produce the right dimension of timber in the right length and quality in relation to the orders that form the basis of the felling.

Taking into account

Felling is handled by private contractors with long experience. The contractors we use are trained to take nature into account and to fulfil the requirements of the Forestry Act in the best possible way. The forest must be treated with care.