The history

Historical picture of the Tegsnäs ski slope.

The history

Employees nailing pallets - Tegsnäs Emballage

The foundation of the Tegsnäs Group started already in 1907. Follow our journey through time.

At Tegsnässkidan we have a strong driving force that takes us forward. We have fantastic conditions with close access to the very best raw materials and major transport routes and harbours. Together with our fine customers, committed employees and well-developed processes, we have a solid foundation to stand on.

This foundation makes us the safe and reliable supplier we want to be today and tomorrow.

A more than 115-year journey through time

Some important years in the history of Tegsnäs Group.

  • The company is launched

    The company is started in Tegsnäset by Ludvig Jonsson.

  • The company is taken over

    The company is taken over by his sons Ivar, Lage and David Ludvigsson.

  • New technologies

    New technology, lamellar gluing of skis.

  • New saw being built

    A new saw is built on the current industrial site to complement the ski production.

  • New factory

    A new factory is built in Tegsnäset.

  • New owner

    Gunnar Lundgren new owner.

  • Change of ownership

    Change of ownership to Erik Ludvigsson, son of David Ludvigsson.

  • Production of plastic skis starts

    Sundins Skidfabrik in Hudiksvall is bought and production of plastic skis begins.

  • Elite skiers on plastic

    Elite skier Crister Majbäck starts skiing on Tegsnäs plastic skis.

  • Sixth place in the Olympics

    Crister Majbäck becomes a partner. He finishes 6th in the Olympic five-mile race with Tegsnäs plastic skis.

  • Reorientation of the company

    Tomas Nilsson and Håkan Bjurén buy the company. Production of plastic skis ceases. Wood processing is the new focus of the company

  • Production of sticks begins

    Production of industrial wooden sticks begins.

  • Purchase of factory

    Samhall's factory in Vindeln is bought.

  • Production of packaging products

    Production of packaging products starts in Vindeln.

  • Change of ownership

    Change of ownership. Jimmy and Benny Nilsson, sons of Tomas, acquire the business.

  • New packaging plant

    Investment in a new industrial hall in Tegsnäset and a new packaging facility.

  • Investment in new machine line

    Investment in a new machine line in Tegsnäset and a new fan system.

  • Investment of sprinklers

    Investment in sprinklers in Tegsnäset.

  • Investment in new packager system

    Investment in new packager and bundling system in Tegsnäset. Upgrade of timber intake. Launch of Tegsnäshus.

  • The group is founded

    Tegsnäs Group is formed.

  • New storage facility

    The new construction of Tegsnäs Logistics' 1250 square metre warehouse and logistics hall is completed.

  • Subsidiaries and e-commerce initiative

    Tegsnäs Emballage and Tegsnäs Logistics become subsidiaries. Increased investment in e-commerce for Tegsnässkidan.

  • Warehouse and investment

    New warehouse being built at Tegsnäs Logistics.
    Tegsnäs Group invests in a briquette plant.

  • Company acquisitions

    Tegsnäs Invest becomes majority owner of Tegsnäshus. Tegsnäs Logistics buys into Smide & Industrimontage i Norr AB.