About Tegsnäs Group - Benny Nilsson and Jimmy Nilsson

About Tegsnäs Group

Tegsnäs Group is a successful family group based in Tegsnäset six kilometres west of Umeå. With driving force, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, the business develops every day.

Tegsnäs Group - in constant development

Much has happened since the start in 1907 when Ludvig Jonsson founded Tegsnässkidan AB. Today the business consists of the Tegsnäs Group, with business areas, subsidiaries and associated companies. Almost 30 years ago, in 1996, Tomas Nilsson and Håkan Bjurén bought Tegsnässkidan and in 2008 Tomas' sons Jimmy and Benny took over the company.

The core is still the same. Drawing strength from short decision-making paths and utilising the extensive expertise of our employees. Everyone should be involved.

A leading supplier

Tegsnäs Group is one of the market's leading suppliers of wood consumables, specialised packaging and building materials. The Tegsnäs Group also manufactures and markets the classic Tegsnäs ski, has recently formed the subsidiaries Tegsnäs Packaging and Tegsnäs Logistics and is co-founder of Tegsnäshus.

The entire group has a turnover of around SEK 250 million. Today, the majority of all customers are in Sweden. Exports are about 20 per cent.

The ambition is to be a market-leading, reliable manufacturer and supplier, while broadening and developing the business. Tegsnäs Group works with high-quality raw materials and also offers customer-specific warehousing, which ensures fast deliveries.

With new forces and new ideas, we take Tegsnäs Group into the future.

Tegsnäs Group in brief

  • Business areas

    Tegsnäs Wood, Tegsnäs Building materials and Tegsnäs ski.

  • Subsidiaries

    Tegsnäs Emballage AB, Tegsnäs Logistics AB and Tegsnäshus AB.

  • Turnover

    Total within the group: Approximately SEK 250 million.

  • Facilities

    Four units in Tegsnäset and Vindeln.

  • Employees

    Total within the group: about 40 employees.

  • Raw material

    Consumes about 60,000 cubic metres of sawn timber per year. This corresponds to about 900 lorries.

  • Production

    Two cutting lines, a planer, nailing robot for making pallets. Warehouse and logistics centre. Specialised packaging factory and house factory.

  • Highest business volume

    Tegsnäs Wood.

  • Export

    About 20 %. Goes to Norway, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Skis

    Produces 500-1000 pairs of Tegsnäs skis per year.

Business areas