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Ålö in Brännland outside Umeå is one of the world's leading manufacturers of front loaders and one of Tegsnäs Packaging's customers. Every day, products from Ålö are sent all over the world with packaging manufactured in Vindeln or Tegsnäs.

Tegsnäs Emballage and Ålö have worked together for many years.
– I think we have had them as a supplier of packaging for almost 20 years, says Per Gustafsson, production engineer at Ålö.

Ålö buys a variety of products. Besides a large number of pallets in different sizes and other packaging components, the main item is a special packaging that protects the front loaders, makes them stackable and optimises the loading space.

Customised and stable solutions

For Ålö, packaging is an important part of ensuring safe transport.
– We have heavy and bulky products and the packaging has to be well designed and thought out, have low weight and the right dimensions and properties, Per explains and continues:

– Packaging protects and stabilises our products during transport. It minimises claims due to impact and paint damage. It also allows us to pack and transport smarter and more efficiently, which is important, for example, when loading and filling containers for export.

Safe transport and protective packaging leads to higher customer satisfaction, better delivery reliability, but is also a sustainability issue, says Per.
– It is an environmental aspect that we use wood as the main material, that the packaging is produced locally and that its design contributes to efficient transport.

Close co-operation

Developing Ålös packaging solutions is based on close collaboration.
– We have a friendly co-operation and feel that Ålö has great confidence in us. We listen to each other, discuss ideas and solutions on an ongoing basis and think long-term," says Peter Ahlenius, site manager at Tegsnäs Packaging.

Per Gustafsson agrees:
– Tegsnäs Packaging meets our expectations and produces high quality packaging. We have a good relationship, they are a good at listening and often provide feedback and suggestions. They are not just a supplier that we order from, we also benefit from each other's knowledge and experience, which is a great added value!

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