Tord Johansson, Production Manager at Rototilt

Rototilt in Vindeln is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tiltrotators and uses Tegsnäs Logistics as a strategic partner.

– Our idea is that the factory is used for processing our products but not for storage. In the factory, we will have a buffer for our daily production while a partner supplies us with materials and manages the warehouse, says Tord Johansson, Rototilt's Production Manager.

The co-operation between Tegsnäs Group and Rototilt goes back many years. Tegsnässkidan started manufacturing specialised packaging for Rototilt already 15 years ago. At the beginning of the 2010s, when Rototilt grew and became overcrowded, Tegsnässkidan stored packaging and a number of finished products for Rototilt in its premises on the same industrial estate in Vindeln.

When Tegsnäs Group announced a few years ago that it would develop its logistics operations, Rototilt was immediately interested.
– At the time, we had established a third-party warehouse in Umeå, but saw great advantages in Tegnäs Logistics' concept and proximity. As a result, we moved the warehouse to their newly built facility here in Vindeln and have since developed and broadened the cooperation, says Tord Johansson.

Daily deliveries

Today, Tegsnäs Logistics stocks and handles components, batches and finished products. Rototilt orders materials based on its daily production needs and receives regular deliveries once a day.

– The supply of materials works exactly as it should. We are constantly learning how to place orders in the best possible way so that we don't take home too much or too little material. We have good communication with Tegsnäs Logistics and good system support, which means that we don't have to do anything extra by hand, which is crucial, says Tord.

Nearly 1000 pallets

Thanks to the cooperation with Tegsnäs Logistics, Rototilt frees up space in the factory that can be used for value-creating activities.
– We currently handle between 700 and 900 pallets for Rototilt, which corresponds to a production area in their factory of about 400 square metres and labour input, says Emil Lundgren, site manager at Tegsnäs Logistics.

– It would not have been possible for us to have that storage space today. The alternative would have been to limit production or build new buildings. Instead, we can use the space for more processing machines or assembly stations, for example, explains Tord.

World's best manufacturer with minimal stock

In the future, Tord Johansson believes that the concept will be further developed.
– I think we will manage the stock externally to an even greater extent. We have a growing product range and we are getting more and more items.

- If we are to be the world's best factory for manufacturing tiltrotators and machine attachments, it is because we have a good supply of materials, not because we store materials ourselves. Tegsnäs Logistics is good for us," emphasises Tord.

(Image from Rototilt/EdelPhoto)

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