Hard-wearing packaging for safe transportation

At our factory in Vindeln in Sweden, we produce packaging materials to meet a customer’s wishes. The material used may be wood, plywood, OSB or Masonite. We even manufacture metal reinforcements. We work with our customers to develop suitable designs for their packaging that meets their every demand. We can even produce new CAD drawings if these are needed. We believe packaging should be functional, but also appealing.

Unlimited product range

The majority of our customers work in the manufacturing industry and either export their products or transport them long distances domestically. These customers have products that cannot be accommodated by the mass-produced packaging available on the market.

Our packaging is always of the highest quality, because we know that the products our customers ship around the world must arrive safely and undamaged. When you order from Tegsnässkidan, you can rest assured that your packaging will stand up to the journey and will protect your goods.

For more information, contact:

Peter Ahlenius


Tel: +46 (0)70-255 32 12